What Can Women Do About Men Going Their Own Way?

Many men have gone their own way and will probably never come back


Rise of the Incel

Probably one of the more heartbreaking side effects from the modern feminist movement is the sheer amount of ‘involuntary celibates’ (or incels for short) being created by the rift growing between heterosexual men and women. An incel is a term commonly used to describe males and increasingly females that have difficulties getting dates and starting […]

Science: There are only 2 Genders

Although gender identity has been getting lots of media attention lately it is really nothing new.  The concrete concepts surrounding the transgender movement have evolved over time, but historically men and women have been mutilating their bodies in all sorts of ways since the middle ages, and I would be willing to guess that these […]

Diet Red Pill

Dieting is a huge issue for millions of people all over the world.  Everyone eats and everyone has preferences.  Some do it purely for survival purposes and others entire lives revolve around their next meal.  I have researched diet for over a decade and although I hold no fancy feminist degrees (which are worthless) I […]