From My High Horse

This is about the struggle to find the truth.  I want to discover the greatest mysteries of the universe.  I want to know who really runs the world.  I want to know if the Mandela Effect is real.  I want to understand the spirit realm and how it affects our lives.  I want to know why evil exists in this world.  I want to understand human greed and where it comes from.  I want to know how to be the best possible version of myself.

I am limitless and you are too.  This is a blog about us.  No label can define you.  No words can describe you.  That would be impossible.  You and I are the true masters of the universe.  That is why you are not content with this “bee-hive” life.  You see past the materialistic American Dream and strive for true happiness instead.  Your heart’s desire.  It is because you deserve it that you yearn for this.  I have the same pent-up rage as you.

Society tries so hard to keep us separate but they could never truly succeed where freedom still exists – even if it is but a fraction of true freedom.  Each person has a deep connection to one another that is only growing stronger each moment.  Striving to understand one another is what will save humanity.  We will build this new world.  You’ll see.


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