What is a MGTOW?

MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way.  This is a movement that started sprouting up a few years ago that is quickly picking up steam due almost entirely in part of males feeling that they have lost their voice in a culture that revolves around women.

MGTOW vs. Feminism
MGTOW is not the male version of feminism.  Feminism teaches complete equality between males and females, but has branched out to include special privileges for women.  Some feminists have even gone a step further to include Misandry or Man Hating and genuinely try to propel women forward while holding men back in society.  MGTOW helps men become aware of certain aspects of female nature.  MGTOW has nothing to do with feminism, except that both regular men and the MGTOW stay as far away from self proclaimed feminists as possible.

Emma Watson is quoted in saying that feminism is the theory that Men and Women deserve equal rights and opportunities on Social, Economic and Political grounds.   The MGTOW understands that while women have fought hard in order to obtain equal rights and opportunities to a man, notice how Watson speaks of rights and opportunities but never of responsibilities.  This is how feminism came to be a totally flawed system for any real social advancement.


Feminists Modern Women want the same Rights and Opportunities as Men, but with none of the Responsibility. 


We are not equals.  Anatomically, we have huge differences in the way our skulls are shaped, our shoulders, hips, and obviously very different sexual organs.  Men and women have worked together but in different roles throughout our history as humans.  We all come from ancient societies where males have been the hunters and gatherers with the women building up the home and raising the children.  This is instinctual.  This is why many women are extremely unhappy in the workplace, a problem many women try to fix by furthering their education in an attempt to move “higher up” on the ladder.

In ancient times women were often attracted to the most powerful males with access to the most resources and males were attracted to the most beautiful females since this was often seen as a sign of health and fertility.  Fast forward to today and almost nothing has changed.

You can’t understand the MGTOW without understanding gynocentrism and what it is:  Gynocentrism n. (Greek, γυνή, “female” – Latin centrum, “centred” ) refers to a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this.1 Anything can be considered gynocentric (Adj.) when it is concerned exclusively with a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.2

This generation of gynocentric citizen has bred what many call the ‘white knight’, ‘simpleton’, or ‘blue pill’ in the form of a male who defends females’ many double standards, and basically defends the woman of society on everything. Another name for these men are ‘suckers.’  These men are often seen as being a female’s ‘bitch’, even if they are single.  It is as if they are so afraid of losing their access to sexual relations with women that they will defend and agree with women no matter how wrong these females may be.  This is the way modern man feels.  Modern man is oppressed by the modern women.  Man is shamed for speaking up.  “Man up”, they say.  A man who complains is seen as a whiner while a female is simply saying how she ‘feels’.

Understanding female nature is helpful here as well.  Females use intimacy as a way of controlling their man.  Good behavior is rewarded by intimate moments and unapproved behavior by the cold shoulder.  Women may even threaten to leave as a result of ‘unapproved behavior’.  Getting married is a final hammer in the coffin.  The risks for a married man are very high in comparison to the risks for woman. Men often loose out in terms of legal issues in regards to marriage.  The Law does not belong in the realm of Love.   Women benefit from the institution of marriage as it is now and they know this.  Females know that they stand to potentially gain resources from divorcing their husbands.  Females tend to encourage and congratulate women who manage this, calling them ‘brave’.  Many men are just starting to understand female nature.

New studies are showing what many men have already known for years.  Women are about 60-70%(some sources citing above 80%) more likely to end a long term romantic relationship than males.  Then look at the fact that of the 400,000 people receiving post divorce alimony 97% of them are females.  Women can be notoriously vindictive after a break up and can ruin a mans finances, relationships and reputation and may also go after a mans possessions.  Women also move on faster and heal from breakups more quickly.  Women usually always have a contingency plan in mind which might already involve another boyfriend moving into her new house (that you paid for) and a new strange man around your kids

Men are always seen as the main cheater when displayed in the media when in reality men and women cheat at the same rates.  The same media often portrays men as dumb and worthless.  Really only useful as a piggy bank and a baby injector for the modern woman.  Men are almost always portrayed as the primary abuser in regards to domestic violence and physical abuse in romantic relationships but according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence “1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.1

Men have no options for help in this kind of situation.  And as someone who has been a victim of physical abuse from a female its clear to see that the social repercussions for a woman who physically abuses a male are near non existent, where a man could loose everything including his reputation for the same behavoir.  Not that anyone will believe this man, even if he does decide to seek help, but he will be looked at with shame by males and female peers alike.

MGTOW is about working hard to make yourself a better person, for yourself.  MGTOWs are minimalists and anti-materialistic because they know that true happiness can not be obtained from more material possessions.  MGTOWs are unconcerned with impressing anybody but themselves.  The MGTOW knows that no one could ever “complete” him.  This is a programming that we must all unlearn.  Anything or anyone else that comes into your life is complementary, a gift from the cosmos that you are free to take or set free.





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