Chivalry is dead… but never lived to begin with.

Chivalry is Dead… But never lived to begin with

You must understand that women destroy everything.  Women destroyed Chivalry, but not in the 1900’s.  Chivalry was a term that came from the Dark Ages, and had all to do with a Knights Code.  The knight was expected to have a kind caring side to oppose his aggression as a warrior. It was a way of giving balance to the knight.  The Arthurian legend revolves around the Code of Chivalry – Honour, Honesty, Valour and Loyalty.  Everything it takes to be a man.

So how did Chivalry, which basically meant being a bad ass man and still having a brain, transform into what women see as chivalry today?  It comes from the concept of the ‘Knight In Shining Armor.’  Knights were expected to be courteous to women, and women fantasized about the Knight who will come and save his princess only to live happily ever after.  Overtime this was romanticized in hundreds of thousands of ways.  This story is told to us so much as children that we grow up believing the fairy tale.  We learned to feel incomplete without our significant others.  They have to come before the happily ever after.

Women have a way of taking objects, concepts, ideas, anything they want, and changing their definitions to suit their desires.  This is simple female nature.  Women always want more and more until they eventually destroy what it was they wanted.  If they don’t destroy it out of pure corruption then the destruction comes from the woman not wanting the share her discoveries.  The problem with women is that they always go too far.


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