Feminism is Dead

Women are abandoning feminism at alarming rates.  It’s become almost a meme for women on many social media sites.  There are dozens of pages of women on YouTube with videos titled “Why I’m NOT a feminist.”  While one could argue that these women are really just seeking extra attention, why would they do so on the back of a concept that supposedly offers  women equal rights and opportunities to men.  

Feminism teaches complete equality between males and females, but has branched out to include special privileges for women.  Many so-called feminists have even gone a step further to include Misandry or Man Hating and genuinely try to propel women forward while holding men back in society.

Emma Watson is quoted in saying that feminism is the theory that Men and Women deserve equal rights and opportunities on Social, Economic, and Political grounds.  Understand that while women have fought hard in order to obtain equal rights and opportunities to a man, notice how Watson speaks of rights and opportunities but never of responsibilities.  This is how feminism came to be a totally flawed system for any real social advancement, completely undermining the man, biology, and all fallen civilizations before ours.

Feminists Western Women want the same Rights and Opportunities as Men, but with none of the Responsibility. 

Proof:  Women want free access to birth control, free abortions.  Women are irresponsible degenerates.  They basically want to cherry pick the good things out of a man’s life, leaving the man to carry the weight, and pick up the tab as usual.  A disgusting amount of hypocrisy exists for these women.  Most women do work for their own money these days, but how many would be OK with paying for a first date?  Or dating a man who makes less money than she?

You must understand that women destroy everything.  Women have a way of taking objects, concepts, ideas, anything they want, and changing those definitions to suit their desires.  This is simple female nature.  Women always want more and more until they eventually destroy what it was they wanted in the first place.  If they don’t destroy it out of pure corruption then the destruction comes from the woman not wanting to share her discoveries.  Are Women Inherently Evil?

The concept of Feminism was murdered in the same way the female ideals of chivalry died.  Chivalry is dead… but never lived to begin with.  It’s the same reason marriage is in its death spiral.  Women took a good concept and spun it in such a way that it became advantageous for only women.

Feminism Killed the Nuclear Family
The nuclear family is the backbone of society.  It’s where you came from.  No amount new genders will ever change that.  Its undeniable.  There is something very powerful in a spiritual sense in all that.  That’s why it’s so hard to get rid of someone you have a child with.  A strong father figure, a caring mother.  That is the master recipe.  Now it doesn’t matter to me or your child what gender you parents identify with, it really just matters that you stay together.

This is where feminism hurts women too.  Women were stripped of their biology and were pushed out to the workforce to compete with their partners, feminizing every aspect of a mans life.  Now women are paying taxes too.  Women are unhappier than ever as their numbers increase in universities and the work force. The feminization of the university has created a Politically Correct culture on many campuses, eliminating logical debates and discussions.  Men are opting out of the university because it has become worthless and destructive to the man.  Women try to fix their own feelings of unhappiness in career by furthering their educations and climbing higher up the ‘ladder’, only to find that they only succeeded in obtaining terminal debt and even more alienation from men.  Because of this, women are loosing their best years in a worthless education system and missing their child-bearing windows.

Think bank to Adam and Eve in the garden.  Women always want more and corrupt what is given to them.  Give them the fruit they want the whole tree.  Give them the right to vote and they will always vote liberal.  There is a reason for this:  Women’s instincts make them have tendencies to want to be provided for, so women use the government as a sort of surrogate husband, and as women in a society get more and more power, and distance themselves further away from men, the ideals of the government become more and more liberal.  The financial toll that the government has taken on to provide women  government assistance, subsidized access to birth control, and abortion is huge.  But there’s a cheaper solution ladies:  Close your legs, have some self-respect, and learn a little responsibility.

The Destruction of the Nuclear Family hurts everyone.  With no more strong mother and father figures in the house hold, more children are turning into delinquents who have no moral compass and no idea how man and women should treat one another.  Mental illness, crime rates, suicides, and poor performance are just some ways that children suffer.  Extensive studies have shown that the negative effects of divorce affect the entire family hurting children the most.  When you take into account that between 70-80% of women end long-term romantic relationships as opposed to men, its clear to see that women are almost entirely to blame for the degradation of society.

Feminism opened doors for women where now many stand to gain by separating with their current husbands, divorcing him for half his assets and a percentage of his earnings.  This doesn’t actually make any new money it just redistributes it to the female on behalf of the man.   Divorce also works as a way to put money into the hands of courts and lawyers as well as the diamond, and  wedding industry when you get remarried.

Perhaps the real reason that women are abandoning feminism is because men stay as far away from this type women as possible.  As more and more men are deciding to Go Their Own Way, western women are being seen as undesirable.  Even if a woman just identifies as a feminist a man is likely to keep his distance.  What self-respecting man wants to deal with a woman that is harder to deal with and easier to trigger than normal?  Sure, there are plenty of ‘white knights’ out there ready to bend at any woman’s beck and call, but women are realizing that those are the worst, most spineless types of guys.  If a man can’t stand up to his woman, what makes you think he can stand up to anyone else to protect her?



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