How MGTOW Can Save Women

“Love them with your mind and never with your heart.” ~ Young Jeezy.

A lot of people argue that abandoning women is not the answer.  The truth is abandoning women is the only logical path for modern man to take in order to attempt to reset the massive social injustice.  Women always want more, no matter how much you give and that is how we have reached the Gynocentric society that we have reached today.  With each wave of feminism the woman gained more rights and opportunities.  With each wave women stepped further away from their households and their families (their men) and further into a collective depression they could not explain.

How MGTOW Can Save Women

Men must liberate themselves from as many female ideals as possible and return to his place as King of his own existence and co-creator of the universe.  One must make his hopes and dreams reality.  If you are doing what you love the universe will take care of you.  That means the man must first, realize his passions and interests in life and second, learn how to make a living utilizing whatever knowledge or skills that expertise manifests into.

The MGTOW must find a way to use his passion to live in abundance which is natures natural state.  This does not mean to obtain a fancy car and nice jewelry because those are gynocentric ideals designed to extrapolate your wealth, and distribute it up to the rich elite upper class.  Those possessions only attract the most vile type of woman.  The MGTOW knows that the true path to happiness is to live a minimalist lifestyle because only then can you meet a woman who truly loves you for you because only then, are you truly being yourself.

How can man expect to meet women who are not glorified prostitutes if he himself is none more than a cooperate stooge, or button pushing slave?  One cannot expect to attract a quality female if one is not living a quality life.  You attract what you are.  You attract with your thoughts, so your thoughts must be as clear as possible. You don’t have time to waste your thoughts on bad, or negative ones.

Men must abandon the University, but not critical thinking and advanced education.

Man must continue to abandon the university because the universities are no longer a valuable service for men.  Politically Correct Culture has taken over the media and our College Campuses.  Social justice warriors are not allowing the other groups to speak.  Refusing to hear another human speak is in essence denying yourself a chance to grow as a human being.  Listening and truly trying to understand each other is the only true path to resolving complex social issues.

 Man and women are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars they don’t have in order to obtain useless degrees.  Many of them became useless after the Global Recession of 2012.  The jobs which didn’t suffer as much?  Carpenters, plumbers, construction, electricians, welders – jobs that you don’t need advanced degrees for, and jobs that will always be necessary in society.  Jobs that are still primarily male dominated today.  Women are taking over the workforce except for the jobs they don’t want to do.

The decline in women’s happiness today is not only due to women not wanting to work ten-hour-day hard working jobs, but women are less and less likely to keep a man as a long-term partner than ever before, and this has women collectively spiraling into a depression. Man is losing faith in woman almost as fast as woman is losing her sense of loyalty.  Suddenly all the mothers are out of the household, leaving their sons, daughters, and husbands to fend for themselves.

Women compete with each other by acting more and more promiscuous an an attempt to attract high quality males.  This lowers mans perceived value for women.  However women use this pattern over and over to maximize their chances at finding a mate with the best qualities and most resources.  However, with advances in birth control alongside the promotion of liberal sex for women, females are having sex at a younger age, and moving through more sex partners at a pace many men would find incredible and many women would never admit.  

Men and women who have more sexual partners are linked to having more mental health issues.  Women are more emotional creatures than men, and physically being penetrated can have serious long term physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences.  Feminism teaches the opposite.  The simple honor and dignity of the Man and Woman working together was destroyed.  Societies acceptance of promiscuity is damaging to men and more so women and we have already begun to see the detrimental effects.

As more and more Men Go Their Own Way, they will continue to gain happiness and women will continue to plummet into depression.  Women are very intelligent and will quickly realize that the only way to attract and keep a man will be to undue all of societies programming and to live simpler lives alongside their MGTOW counterparts.

Men going their own way will leave women with no choice but to glorify ideals like kindness, modesty, and loyalty and reclaim the all but tarnished name of homemaker, mother, and wife.  Honor will slowly return to these woman concepts.  Society has to realize how important the roles of the family are not because of patriarchy, but because of balance. Toxic women  have no place and will be shamed out of society.



2 thoughts on “How MGTOW Can Save Women

  1. Unfortunately, decades will pass before women can redeem themselves. They have caused so much damage, and men aren’t very excited to get together with them. Most men are starting to appreciate the time and peace they have without women in their lives.


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