Do MGTOW Hate Women?

MGTOW’s Do NOT Hate Women

MGTOWs must be wise and very careful that their path does not lead them to hate the woman.  Hate is not what the MGTOW is about.  Love is the only true path to the higher self.  Remember that being a MGTOW is about going to your own way.  It’s a simple mantra for men to live by and remember the many complex pitfalls for the modern man, and to be wise to the ways of society and the ways of the modern women.  The very concept of ‘going your own way’ is synonymous with following your heart and following your dreams.  MGTOW is not about hating women.

The MGTOW understands that there are risks associated with dealing with women and that is why MGTOWs are so adamant about arming their brothers with knowledge to  counteract the emasculation of the western Man.  The modern man is encouraged to give up his dreams and aspirations in order to settle down with a female and start a family.  Modern women are encouraged to cheat on men, and to take from them everything they are worth, including children..  This is suicide for man.  A man should settle down only after his dreams and aspirations are realized -if ever- if man truly wants a chance to achieve any kind of success in today’s world.  Otherwise, a man has a high risk of succumbing to the ‘beehive’ life, which is serving women who say they are queens when arguably many seem to behave more like prostitutes than ever before with the rise of e-girls, sex working, and some female streamers.

A lot of people argue that abandoning women is not the answer.  It is not an answer, its a logical reaction.  The truth is abandoning women is the only logical path for modern man to take in order to attempt to reset the massive social injustices in heterosexual relationships.  

Some even argue that the push for LGTBQ values is yet another wave of feminism formed to destroy the ideals of the Family once and for all by encouraging boys and girls from as early age as possible to embrace gender freedom and homosexuality as a way of keeping future generations of Western people from continuing to breed.  Meanwhile, many 3rd world and war torn countries populations are ever growing and their people are pouring into developed countries (ever heard of Sweden) at a faster pace than can be handled.  

Women always want more, no matter how much you give and that is how we have reached the Gynocentric society that we have reached today.  With each wave of feminism the woman gained more rights, and opportunities and there are still many parts of the world where women legitimately do not have fair rights.  But something happened in the west.  Instead of focusing on how to better these parts of the world these feminists looked to their own societies and decided they wanted more. With each wave women stepped further away from their households and their families (their men) and further into a collective depression they could not explain.

The Death of Feminism

I have written before of the Illuminati, and if their purpose was ever to reduce the population drastically then their plan is currently in motion.  By encouraging women to step further and further away in their dependence on males, we have created a society where women and men are locked into a terminal power struggle.  Women were at one point the cornerstone of morale behavior in society.  In modern times women act like they learned their manners from behind a Burger King dumpster.    With each feminist movement there has been an undercurrent of degradation in the moral code of women, although many men will argue that this female code never existed.

Because of this we have seen a huge rise in extreme leftest ideals and America has become more socialist than ever before and with new social safety nets to support only women, giving women special privileges and options in compared to men.  Suddenly a women can use a mans sperm to boost her wealth if she hits rock bottom instead of working hard.  Women stepped away from men only to use the government as their surrogate husband at the taxpayers expense.

1/10/2017 FMHH


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