Women are horrified by the MGTOW movement.

Women are worried that men will abandon them, go their own way, and never look back.  The sad truth of the matter is that this is exactly what is happening in Western Society today.  Women are watching in horror as the last vestiges of feminism disintegrate in the gynocentric utopia they have created.  We have already seen the effect on society.  Women are statistically much less happy today than they were even a decade ago.  The feminist movement, with all its political power has grown too large and crumbled down upon itself.

Women ironically should be more angry and upset than the males they helped destroy, but when you see things for what they are, its easy to see how many men learn of female nature, and the pitfalls of feminism and society and start to legitimately hate women because of it.  

Men don’t need women.

The feminist movement eventually created the MGTOW- which is the biggest and most powerful movement powered by men with webcams in their basements and not multi-million dollar platforms. Feminism is driving real men away.  This is one reason why women are so upset with feminists and feminism.  Women are finally realizing how unhappy feminism makes them, and are waking up to find that their male partners are nowhere to be found.

How MGTOW Can Save Women

The 2016 Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could be seen as a major turning point in the rise of the MGTOW mentality and death of feminism.  Basically, it was a battle between Feminism, and Anti-Feminism.  If women outnumber the amount of male voters, how in the world is it possible that Anti-Feminism, or Donald Trump won the election?  One must realize that Hilary actually won the popular vote, but lost in a landslide according to the electoral voting process.

That means that Feminism still has vital signs, but studies found that over 50% of white female voters actually voted for Donald Trump.  It is almost as if 50% of women do NOT support feminism.  More and more women are realizing that men are running  further away from these types of feminist women, and this has women mortified.  What is the point of obtaining all these rights and opportunities if a woman can’t snag and keep a man?  The only men for women to choose from will be the ‘White Knights’ who don’t have the backbone to leave women’s side for any reason.  The problem is that women are generally not attracted to these types of men.

Women are reacting with anger and fear.

Anecdotal reports as of now are showing that glorified prostitutes and feminists everywhere are being emotionally triggered by the ideas of the MGTOW.  The MGTOW is spreading his wisdom and now has deep roots in important concepts such as politics, social issues, economics, and globalism.  Gynocentric, leftest ideals have begun to lose their value in the eyes of Man.  There are already reports of women begging for the concept of masculinity to return to the man, but man must do this for himself, and not the woman- who created all of man’s problems in the first place.

Be very careful if you decide to share any MGTOW information with a woman, via website, a video, or even verbal education.  Women will respond emotionally 100% of the time and you may have a very angry woman on your hands.  This is because of how frightening this is for women.  The MGTOW is a woman’s worst nightmare, because MGTOW’s know all woman’s dirty tricks and do not pay attention to these women.  For women attention is everything.


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