Women are horrified by the MGTOW movement.

Women are worried that men will abandon them, go their own way, and never look back.  The sad truth of the matter is that this is exactly what is happening in Western Society today.  Women are watching in horror as the last vestiges of feminism disintegrate in the gynocentric utopia they have created.  We have already seen the effect on society.  Women are statistically much less happy today than they were even a decade ago.  The feminist movement, with all its political power has grown too large and crumbled down upon itself.

Women ironically should be more angry and upset than the males they helped destroy, but when you see things for what they are, its easy to see how many men learn of female nature, and the pitfalls of feminism and society and start to legitimately hate women because of it.  

Men don’t need women.

The feminist movement eventually created the MGTOW- which is the biggest and most powerful movement powered by men with webcams in their basements and not multi-million dollar platforms. Feminism is driving real men away.  This is one reason why women are so upset with feminists and feminism.  Women are finally realizing how unhappy feminism makes them, and are waking up to find that their male partners are nowhere to be found.

How MGTOW Can Save Women

The 2016 Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could be seen as a major turning point in the rise of the MGTOW mentality and death of feminism.  Basically, it was a battle between Feminism, and Anti-Feminism.  If women outnumber the amount of male voters, how in the world is it possible that Anti-Feminism, or Donald Trump won the election?  One must realize that Hilary actually won the popular vote, but lost in a landslide according to the electoral voting process.

That means that Feminism still has vital signs, but studies found that over 50% of white female voters actually voted for Donald Trump.  It is almost as if 50% of women do NOT support feminism.  More and more women are realizing that men are running  further away from these types of feminist women, and this has women mortified.  What is the point of obtaining all these rights and opportunities if a woman can’t snag and keep a man?  The only men for women to choose from will be the ‘White Knights’ who don’t have the backbone to leave women’s side for any reason.  The problem is that women are generally not attracted to these types of men.

Women are reacting with anger and fear.

Anecdotal reports as of now are showing that glorified prostitutes and feminists everywhere are being emotionally triggered by the ideas of the MGTOW.  The MGTOW is spreading his wisdom and now has deep roots in important concepts such as politics, social issues, economics, and globalism.  Gynocentric, leftest ideals have begun to lose their value in the eyes of Man.  There are already reports of women begging for the concept of masculinity to return to the man, but man must do this for himself, and not the woman- who created all of man’s problems in the first place.

Be very careful if you decide to share any MGTOW information with a woman, via website, a video, or even verbal education.  Women will respond emotionally 100% of the time and you may have a very angry woman on your hands.  This is because of how frightening this is for women.  The MGTOW is a woman’s worst nightmare, because MGTOW’s know all woman’s dirty tricks and do not pay attention to these women.  For women attention is everything.


11 thoughts on “Women are TERRIFIED of MGTOW

  1. Women are fearful of MGTOW because they came to the realization that they will ultimately be responsible for their own financial future as men refusing to marry.

    They will have to work as a corporate slave until 65, save for their own retirement, and fix their own sink (or pay a man to do it). And as we all know, the words ‘women’ and ‘financial responsibility’ don’t go together. Women spend like crazy and rarely ever save, except this time, there won’t be a man to fall back on. And they are terrified.

    On top of that, men have a much higher threshold for suffering. Women can’t handle suffering, they would rather die. A man can have nothing and still be content living in the street as a homeless, he would hustle to get by. Women, on the other hand, would crumble under similar circumstances. So, when society eventually collapses thanks to feminism, there won’t be knights in shinning armors to rescue them from destitution.


  2. If you think we are going to hide MGTOW from females, SJW and other vermin you are wasting your time.
    Collectivists know when rebellion stirs in the farm animal by just looking at his eyes.
    Collectivists and One World Government types know MGTOW better than us.
    They know how dangerous we are.
    But . . . in the meantime, Western civilization will go down the drain.


  3. I find it very sad that we have reached such a point in this society. However, this is simply a natural reaction to the excesses and lunacy of feminism and its misguided male enablers.We need a societal coming together of sane, adult men and women to face and deal with these problems. Can we accomplish this? I admit it is a challenging thought., but I do not see any other way.


  4. What’s needed is a women’s maturity movement to help them grow up and become actual real women in totality equality,meaning explained to an idiotic female that it has no more worth and value then any man regardless of what her petty delusional body feelings are telling her.Subjective feelings on their own are not a gauge for truth in any situation,everything would have to objectively verified continuously in order to arrive at real logic.
    Parasitic immature females need to be taught this from their own side by mature grown up women who can see things from both sides completely equally.If not they run the risk of learning the hard way from men by way of old jaloppey lotta nappy ending up on her own with a load of kids and being a worthless cunt for fucking and discarded like a dirty old chip bag as a deserved punishment.Some never learn and continuously fight against this,trapping the wrong men and then finding the kids some night out hanging out on the close line with eyes gouged out of head and the whole experience recorded on her phone. Other trapped men in shitty one sided degrading marriages will explode, knock her teeth out of her head,break her arms and ram something down her throat and it not a fist. Any real man will not support her and bring her to suicide deliberately as to not reinforce her as bully against men. Other silly females will learn by example basically threatening them into growing up. The same happened in the past with immature bullying males,cooking pot through head disfiguring him,he couldn’t cope then hung himself setting strong example of how things really work.
    Females are not owed anything once they out of their traditional role no automatic sacrifice’s from men at the very best in terms of choices.She wants an extra child he doesn’t,she must learn minor unfairness to her ,potential bullying of him more important.Her options are to resist her urges,split up or offer to balance it off by full time house and children,sacrifice for sacrifice.
    In the meantime for men continue opting out of marriage and not giving your power away to parasites. Remember the four natural truths – women control sex and the welfare of children.Men control sperm and collectively money.


  5. This is exactly correct women have no one to blame but themselves. Men are growing tired of the gynocentric society, and it’s about to come to an end. With the advent of sophisticated sex robots etc, all physical activities with females can be achieved without women. If a man desires companionship, they can have female friends. All interactions with females with become optional, without giving up the benefits.

    It is important to realize that there are still women with good qualities in the world, and that men should still give them a chance. However, it must always be kept in the air that men will no longer tolerate gynocentrism. The only power women will have will be the power to make themselves more desirable.


  6. MGTOW will get stronger and stronger.I don’t think we hate women we just
    Want absolutely nothing to do with them.They think it is because we are
    Bitter towards them I think the truth is we are happier healthier and much
    More peaceful without them in our lives,I certainly am.

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  7. i think young women are oblivious to the shifting climate, but older women are feeling the burn since two decades. Just take a look at womens magazines. Full of tipps how to get a man, where good men hang at, etc.

    greetings from germany


  8. I had a lousy childhood and realised as a kid I never wanted kids. (being bullied nonstop does that) But my parents divorced when I was real young too. Having zero luck with dating or anything like that I’d be a perfect incel… but given my brothers, and parents and the overall epic fail called marriage they display, being an incel is a GODSEND. Out of 11 marriages, only one worked to completion and one other is a good contender. 2 out of 11, let’s call it. That’s a .181 batting average. Baseball players are sent to the minors with better batting averages.

    You can really say that it’s the _winner_ who “can’t get none”!


  9. Mgtow is simply a philosophy. It is a choice, nothing more. How others deal with it seems to be the problem. Society has brought on its own problems. Society will have to deal with fixing them. Mgtow simply reminds you that men did not make the problems and they are not going to fix it. It is simply self ownership. You take care of you, I will take care of me. Can’t be any easier than that.


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