Understanding Your Basic Needs


The concept of minimalism is rooted in the notion of simplicity.  Your basic needs have to be met first.  Do you feel safe where you live?  Obviously, if you live with someone who hurts you either mentally or physically you need to do everything in your power to escape that situation.  It doesn’t matter if you are becoming a great person if you are dead, so don’t risk your life.  The other basic needs are sleeping, and eating.  A lot of problems people face truly just go back to the very basic need to eat well.

I’m going to be very frank here because this is something people need to understand as a very basic concept.  Think of your body as a computer and your food is data.  Raw, organic fruits and vegetables are verified sites where you can get trustworthy updates, music, and movie downloads.  If you buy these items at big chains they will cost you a lot more.

When you eat fast food, and other nasty, greasy, or otherwise processed junk, that’s like downloading data from some unverified source.  So maybe that Torrent you’re downloading is the latest Star Wars movie that came out in theaters or maybe its a virus that will re-write registry files on your hard drive.  Oh yeah, and you also only get one computer ever.

Do your hardware a favor and drink some water.  You should be drinking at least two liters of water a day and probably closer to 2.5-3l to make sure that your body is able to make all the complicated chemical exchanges and flush out toxins that can make you feel sick and lousy.

There is a reason many people say, “Health is Wealth.”  Take it seriously.  It is your most important asset.  It doesn’t matter how much wealth and success surrounds you if you die of a horrible and incurable disease so take your health very seriously.  Health care is also the biggest money pit, and wealth that could be going towards your goals and dreams can easily be diverted into complex medical therapies and surgeries.

Lastly, make sure that you are sleeping well.  This is another very easy and important concept that people pass over as well.  You are not yourself when you are not sleeping well.  It is a basic need and you will not feel your best if you are not rested.  This can give you the same feeling as depression and anxiety in a lot of cases.  Some people truly do need 8 hours of sleep every night.  Others are lucky and need 6-7.  This is something you have to understand for yourself because its different for each individual.  Obeying your bodies natural rhythm is important for balance.

Don’t forget the basics.  You can’t move on to understanding the importance of minimalism if you don’t understand your basic human needs.


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