The Truth About What Men Want From Women

This is not going to be the kind of article you think.  This is practical advice from a gentlemen who has seen the fall of woman in western society.  I am not here to play blame games, and I know the media attacks you and that there are stigmas around every turn.  I am here to tell you that  none of that matters.  I am also here to tell you why.

There is a reason that Men and increasingly women have decided to Go Their Own Way.  There has been a shift in consciousness, possibly having something to do with the shifting electromagnetic fields on the Earth.  It is something that I know people have felt even at a personal level.  Things that worked before don’t work anymore.  The veil of lies that was once before our eyes was ripped off with the birth of independent media and suddenly the truth could not be stopped.  The Truth went viral.  You can hear the echos of “fake news” from the desperate legacy media as their ship sinks into the abyss of meaninglessness.  This is extremely important for women as the grip of the media loosens from around her neck.

We also discovered the concept of duality.  This means that there is not one viewpoint that can be searched on the internet that does not have an opposing viewpoint.  Every coin has two sides.  The concepts of yin and yang.  We are still in the Garden of Eden, it’s just that the snakes are the main stream media, telling you what to eat, think, and wear.

There is a reason that I allude to that story in the Bible all the time:  whether or not you believe that any of what is written there is true or applicable, it is important to understand that there are very wealthy people who believe very much in the Bible – the light and dark sides – and are hell-bent on using this information against you.  Eve was manipulated by the snake.  These evil Elites see you as an easy target.  Do not for one second think that this wont affect you.  Even if you never used a cell phone, watched TV, stayed off social media and never listened to music these spirit killing teachings most likely would still reach you just by talking to other women.

So how can you stop overthinking everything and be a happier woman?  Keep it Simple, Silly.

The answer lies in the concept of simplicity.  You need to spend time away from all the ways that the media strangles you.  Clear your mind with a weekend backpacking trip with a friend, or take a very long drive to nowhere in particular- do something.  Get away from anything with a screen on it.  Its poisonous to you.  The media portrays you in a way that shows you that to be a happy, and sought after female you have to gain enough social status or expensive apparel and accessories to act like a total snob, treating men like scum under your feet, while pursuing a lifelong career into the glass ceiling.

All in the righteous name of Feminism, coming through society like a fright train, tearing down the concepts of morality and decency from the female code along with it.  So women are at the youngest around their 30’s when they finish their degrees, because many women do go back and either advance their degree or obtain a new degree altogether.  Suddenly those prime child bearing years are all behind you, leaving you with no significant other, no children – just a nest full of cats.  Have you never wondered how crazy cat ladies come into existence?  They are the women who missed their chance at having a husband and children, and compensate by using their unfulfilled nurturing instinct on pets.  I predict that the millennial generation will see a very large increase in the population of crazy cat ladies and the such.

Each woman must Go Her Own Way.  Stop listening to any other woman because each generation of woman has been impregnated with harmful knowledge that they in turn pass on to their daughters.  Most women can recount some bad advice that even their own mother gave to them.  Stop talking to women about your problems, or problems in general.  Start talking to women about solutions, and things you love.  The same as men do.

Women are extremely powerful creatures, and you better believe that power has a purpose.  We are on this planet at this time for a reason.  Our purpose is to develop our character so that we can ascend to a higher realm.  Your character is the most important aspect about you, so don’t you ever make sacrifices on aspects of your character.  Your memories have been erased before and will be erased again, but what you do now sends ripples and echos on throughout eternity, and your soul is going to carry that weight.    

Embracing minimalism is the only true path to female happiness and finding the perfect man.

The Death of Feminism

One of Feminism’s biggest arguments is that the way that marriage was, women were “owned like chattle.”  This is true, but men were owned as the “beasts of burden,” something that feminists seem to forget.  Marriage was a fair exchange, but the concept was skewed to make it look like a bad deal.  A woman who wants nothing more than to find a good man and push him to higher success and raise children and a man who just wants a best friend to help him with the things he doesn’t have time for, not because they are less important, but because he is busy pursuing his dreams and his money is a concept that was replaced with the idea of an oppressive patriarchy.

This is essentially robbing the woman of her instinct and privilege to essentially live a laid back life-style, with the focus on her relationship with her man and her children if she has any.  Remember, I said that women are powerful, and this is coming from a man.  You have the gift to motivate and energize your man to increase his efficiency by at least 100%.  Using your sexual energies for good means making sure your man goes to work motivated and energized and at the same time can’t wait to get back home to you.  “Happy wife happy life”, and happy husband money keeps coming”(I’ll work on it).  Most women understand that they have this power but they completely waste it, not knowing what it’s worth.  Use your imagination, men are much more simple than you’d ever think.

All of those fancy possessions you have and want are really just useless crap which will attract useless and crappy people to you.  You attract with your mind, and you attract what you are.  This is why you need to forget everything you know and love yourself first and foremost.  This is the only path to understanding who you really are and what you really want out of life, and only after you understand this can you possibly find a man who will provide for you what you need as a woman.

Not only do you need a man who is minimalist and have the essence of a provider, but he needs to be just wild enough to turn into a straight up lion-man warrior to defend you if he perceives danger.  This means he needs to be providing for your security whether you are alone in the house or at his side walking through a dark alley.  Many rich and wealthy men just don’t have the testosterone, and a woman will never be truly happy with that.  These real men are welders, builders, plumbers, construction workers, and mechanics among some jobs, but they can increasingly be found throughout the middle class.  They have been pushed into the last jobs that women will not take to preserve their masculinity.

What do real men want?

We want you to regain your feminine code and values.  We want our best friends back.  You are our greatest allies and society as taught you that man is your enemy.  Have your mans back, because when things go to crap and you know he would have yours, its just the right thing to do.  Embody the feminine ideals of kindness, generosity, decency, and morality, and teach it to the people you love.  That is what real men want.  We honor this type of woman and she motivates us.  When men and women start ignoring their simple desires we let in all sorts of bad emotions for no reason that can completely destroy relationships beyond repair.  Remember, you attract with your mind, so don’t waste any of your valuable time on bad or negative thoughts.

The biggest secret for a scientifically proven healthy long term relationship?  Being kind and generous.  So start by being kind and generous to yourself, only then can you understand how good it feels to be kind and generous to others.  Women are especially gifted with these two concepts, and they are the missing links in the female code.


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