Men, Respect Your Nature

Women, look away, I need to be frank with my bro’s.




There is one very important thing that every man must understand.  Do not listen to any advice that women give to men.  Women do not actually know what they want.  They are like children.   Women want a MGTOW, feminists want your credit cards.  They may not know it yet and some never will, but even the alpha female wants to be led.

Listen dudes.  I will tell it to you straight.  Women don’t want to deal with your soft ass shit and they never did.  Quit supporting feminism.  Not even women support it.  Forget all that dumb ass advice your mom taught you and start being yourself.  Don’t take that personally.  Don’t take anything personally.

Do some shit with your hands.  Build a bird house or a table.   Make yourself a desk or some cabinets and your woman will be instantly wet.  This is nature.   If you learn to play a musical instrument don’t be playing “Hey Delilah” unless you want women to think you’re about sprout tits and start breast-feeding the homeless.

Respect your awesome masculine nature and do not falter.  

Stand up to feminist men who will try to shame you for your knowledge and wisdom of female nature and learn to control your emotions.  Focusing on improving the quality of your character is the reason you exist.  It’s the only thing about a person that actually matters.  I learned all this the hard way, and I’m hoping you don’t have to.  I just wanted to let you know just in case your father forgot to tell you for one reason or another, and because I know that there were a generation of fathers who did not give their children manly advice.

Men.  It’s time to go our own way.



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