Makeup is a Lie

Men must be aware of the phenomenon of female deception.  This will help the man maintain his cool around all women.  Next time you find a women really beautiful, really look at this woman.  Many women only look good with makeup and look very average all natural.

This is part of the act of attracting a mate.  The obvious power behind the makeup industry lies in this fact and in aspects of making women believe they are only beautiful when wearing certain makeup products.  This is perpetuated by the magazine and television industry, as women are dolled up with thick layers of make up which could be compared to that of a clowns.

Men are starting to see this disguise for what its worth.  Many men have started to notice when a woman is wearing make up, and can even imagine this woman without these chemical products.

If you have issues dealing with women as a man, here is some very practical advice for you.  Stop putting these women on the pedestal.  Many women who you find yourself attracted to are just masters of deception.  Really take a subjective look.  You may find that she is wearing a thick layer of clown makeup and may have a visible line of where the mask starts on her chin.

She may also have frazzled and unhealthy looking hair, or a thinning hairline if she works in a stressful job.  She may have eyes like the ocean in the Bahamas but skin like the sun-warped carcass of a leopard.  Her large breast or fat bottom may be hiding an unsightly gut, or crater covered thunder thighs.  I’m just saying be careful with how you see these women, who offer man nothing in these modern  materialistic times.   


Men are attracted to fake faces:

Men and Women attracted to natural faces:


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