The Mangina. How giving women what they want destroys men.

The mangina is an interesting phenomenon to discuss.  This is where the discussion between blue versus red pill knowledge comes in.  The mangina is another byproduct of feminism, of telling men exactly how to behave, and how they should treat women.  This has flipped society upside down and we have seen that society is to the point where the lines of gender themselves are blurring.

The Mangina.  Urban dictionary provides a satisfactory definition:  “A male lackey of the feminist hate movement (Usually called a ‘male feminist’), who views women as superior to men and always bows down to and agrees with women in an attempt to curry favor, especially his abusive, man-hating wife who will screw him over in the divorce court, ruin his life and reputation, whelp a child that isn’t his and sting him for money for said child. In short, a man-slave. Almost all married men these days are manginas, and so are a slightly less number of single men.”

Men.  You must understand that feminism breeds horrid lies built to destroy you from the inside out and promote the destruction of society along with you.  If you were born after the 1960’s then there is a good chance that you have been a victim of the feminization of the education system.  This has bred male and female feminists, and many of these feminists had children of their own which were in turn raised feminist as well.  This has led us to what many will be calling the “Snowflake Generation”, because many of today’s youth are notoriously thin-skinned.

The Education system was remade from the ground up to benefit women, with only women in mind.  All to ensure that girls can succeed and have the same opportunities as men.  A curriculum which once involved much more physical activity which is vital for young male development was replaced with one much more prison-like, where a strict emphasis is placed on sitting still in class and walking in line.  The curriculum was in other ways dumbed down so that girls could feel like participants in the classroom.

There is an interesting phenomenon among women where single women will vote democrat on social issues but married women will vote republican.  To complicate matters further, feminist males will side with women when voting.  This is how giving women the power to vote most likely leads to a welfare state.    Single women will vote to use taxpayer money to be taken care of by their surrogate husband “Uncle Sam” and Married women will want to make sure that the money is staying with their husband and families.

The end result that we have now is a very feminized version of a man.  With each push of liberalism we are left with an undercurrent of societal degradation.  We give into every demand that feminists make, which only ensures that young girls will be raised to be more and more promiscuous, and they may never understand the value of a man, or ever meet a real one. By shielding ourselves from reality and censoring what upsets us we are denying our divine responsibility to enhance our personal character.

It is important to understand how society always becomes this way.  Men are instinctual providers, and some studies have proved that some males enjoy being providers.  Men are pre-programmed to be simpletons, but females have taken advantage of this.  Modern feminism allows both males and females to be providers, which used to be primarily a male ideal.  Suddenly women are fooled into thinking they no longer need a man, since basically everything a man could provide can be obtained for herself.  In turn women becomes increasingly ungrateful for man and now we are seeing a growing sentiment of entitlement coming from these same women.

Men are increasingly finding that they have no place in society thanks to toxic feminism.

Women are already leaning towards the indecisive side, and combine this with the fact that they think they basically do not need a man, and that if something goes wrong they can always get a new one.  What this has created is an emotional revolving door for women where they are dating multiple men simultaneously.  Add the fact that women are destroying their morality and decency by having multiple sex partners and what are we left with?  Multiple generations of degenerate women who can not take care of themselves (government assistance programs) much less anyone else.  These women have no actual skills.  They can not actually cook, clean, take care of a child, sew, dust, garden.  All of the feminine traits that women historically are known for have disappeared.  These mentally broken females are incapable of being feminine and are merely ‘husks’ of real women.

Men, it is time to start understanding your worth, and to receive the appreciation that you deserve.  A woman who does not understand this or that treats her man like less than her or like less than a person will soon be doomed to obscurity and cat-rearing.  Open your eyes and see that it is you who is superior to women.  I am not saying to use that power to your advantage (like women do), I am saying understand the truth of your divine power and use it responsibly.  Letting a woman have any power over you will prove to be a hindrance in your life and happiness as a man.

Men are stronger, faster, more valuable and have larger brains than women.  It is time that we as men start acting like it.  This is why you should not let your woman make big decisions for you.  Women will always put themselves first, unless that woman has a child, then she will put her child first.  She sees herself in her children.  This is just simple female nature and it must be understood by the modern man to understand why his woman will never put him first, according to all the toxic feminist teachings and ideas placed in the minds of young men and women today.

Sources: feminist socialists


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