Women are not women

Women are not women anymore.

In simplicity all waves of feminism had one goal.  Replace the man with the government.  Feminism completely destroyed men, and even did so for women.  Feminism has eradicated the moral female code, and this has led to a massive degradation of society today, where modern women have no respect for themselves, much less anything else. Women no longer represent feminine qualities such as nurturing, loyalty, caring, and compassion.

Women  already lean towards the indecisive side, and combine this with the fact that they think they do not need a man, and that if something goes wrong they can always get a new one.  Another phenomenon to this is the fact that women are always looking to trade up.  This means that a female is programmed to leave her current situation (her man) if she finds a situation that allows her more resources.

What this has created is an emotional revolving door for women where they are dating multiple men simultaneously.  Add the fact that women are destroying their morality and decency(also their own minds) by having multiple sex partners and what are we left with?

Multiple generations of degenerate women who can not take care of themselves (government assistance programs) much less anyone else.

Women wanted all the rights and opportunities of a man, but none of the responsibility.  We can see the proof of this in the types of things that women today fight for.  Free birth control and abortions are two more ways that women get out of having to act with responsibility – and morality, and decency.  Modern women have no values, and no loyalty.

These women have no actual skills.  They can not actually cook, clean, take care of a child, sew, dust, garden.  They are not loyal, caring, or compassionate about anything.  All of the feminine traits that women historically were known for have disappeared.  These mentally broken females are incapable of being feminine and are merely ‘husks’ of real women.

This has affected the males as well, a topic of discussion we will be looking at closely.

Sources:  http://elitedaily.com/life/culture/why-women-arent-really-women-anymore/



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