Be Grateful

Part of what drives our gynocentric society is the fact that the corporations that run the media want you to keep buying their products.  They do this by imprinting the idea that you will become happy, healthy, and beautiful by buying their products.  Look at any advertisement and they all try to sell you items based on those same principles, with women being the primary targets for potential buyers.

There are multiple reasons why major corporations target women.  The industry knows that women are the driving factor for 70+ % of purchases made in western society.  Women are notorious for not saving their money and  spending on frivolous items such as makeup and shoes, while men will buy expensive items like nice cars, homes, sometimes jewelry.   Ironically these purchases are made to attract the opposite sex and they do work on a very subconscious level, but will never attract for you a person of quality.  This is because these objects are meaningless and shallow, and meaningless and shallow objects will attract more of the same.

The main difference between a $100 timepiece and a $100,000 dollar timepiece is the price tag.

Obvious right?  This is why minimalist stay away from the malls and the magazines.  Stay away from entities that do not serve you.  Big Corporations are just out to please their own pocket books and shareholders, and do not care whether you are a talking wallet or a living, breathing,  human being.    Any extra money that is spent is money that is being taken from your hopes and dreams.  Put your hopes and dreams first no matter what.  This is one of the keys to living happy.

The biggest factor that will lead to happiness is simply changing the way that you think.  Instead of focusing on the things that you want, or do not have, focus on the things in your life that you do have.  I know this sounds oversimplified, but the universe works in subtle and simple ways.  By focusing on what you have, you are telling the universe that you have what you desire, and the universe will keep pushing you in that direction.  The opposite is true as well.  If your focus is in the things that you want or don’t have, then you are telling the universe that you do not have what you desire, and you never will.

Placing your focus in what you have is also just a good way to regain mental clarity and re center yourself.  It is a beautiful form of self-reflection and will allow you to focus on aspects of your life that are truly important to your happiness and growth as a human.

You are an incredible, beautiful, and loving individual and you have already proved it to the universe.  The chance that you won the race between millions of other sperm was literally one in a million.  That means your life began with a huge accomplishment.



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