She Will Never Love You

I can admit that in my past I lost a lot of sleep over girls.  In my lifetime I have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to have dated several beautiful women.  Out of those relationships there have been several good ones and I noticed that the best relationships were ended by the woman sometime shortly after discussing marriage.  When I told them that I wasn’t interested in marriage it was only a matter of time before the relationship fell apart.

I was a red pill man without even knowing it for my entire life.  I never felt that the court system should be involved in the realm of love.  To put the law before love is an insult to ourselves as creators and an insult to love.  I always felt that marriage was too risky for the man and I have seen men lose everything to vindictive ex’s time and time again.  When I woke up this morning I had a revelation about the women I have known in my lifetime:

Not one of those women ever loved me, at least not in the way that I loved them.  

That is one big if.

Someone who truly loves you would not put you through the risk of loosing your money, your possessions, and ultimately your life and livelihood.  You wouldn’t take your child to a bad part of town where you know this child has about a 70% chance of getting hurt, especially if that child voices his or her concerns to you beforehand.  It can not be argued that men should marry a woman for “their own good” because modern women bring nothing to the table.  They even admit it.  Look at the average price difference between the costs of the mans wedding ring and the woman’s.  On average men are paying 2 to 5 times the amount that a woman is paying if (see the biggest IF I could find in the image to the right) she even was thoughtful enough to pick her man out a ring and purchase it with her own money.

Part of what keeps me up at night are the memories of the time spent with some very wonderful people who walked out of my life when I told them that while I would love to spend the rest of my life with them, I would not marry them.  I will never forget them and they are part of who I am today and as painful as all those memories are – I will have to carry them as my invisible burden.  How can you go from truly loving someone to not wanting anything to do with them?  To forgetting all about them?  How is it so easy for women to emotionally and physically monkey-branch to a new relationship?

The answer is that women are actually incapable of experiencing love in the same way as a man.  They are biologically unable.  The only time a woman will ever feel this type of love in her lifetime is if she has a child.  Women only love themselves and their children.  It all goes back to human adaptation and our evolution as a species.  Women have instincts to pursue a higher status to ensure she and her children (if any) will be safe and have access to resources in abundance.  In essence, all women practice hypergamy and have been doing so since the dawn of our species.  Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up”) is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying another of higher caste or social status than themselves.

All women have instincts, and capacity to be hypergamists.  Every single one, even your beloved wife of a hundred years.  Most women shamelessly act on this instinct and allow it to rule their life, and very rarely a strong woman is able to keep some of this instinct at bay but it will always be an option in her “deck of cards” so to speak.  Maybe us men should start acting a little more on instinct and should pump and dump everything that moves.

I know that there are some twisted and snickering females out there who abuse their powers and know they can get away with everything but murder (actually murder too, remember Casey Anthony) in today’s society.

Women love what men provide for them.  Nothing more.  A woman’s love for a man is very similar to the love one would feel for a musical instrument or a nice automobile.  Maybe you’re her “old reliable” truck, with all the right features.  She may commit to the truck and drive it and care for it for a long time but if the auto starts to die or become too inconvenient that truck is getting replaced with the newer, flashier model and there will be no looking back.

 Now imagine “old reliable” has its doors, tires, and several engine parts taken out to be put into or sold  to benefit the new flashier model.  All married men are “Old Reliable”.

Women have a different journey in this life and it does not involve the extreme highs and lows, the tireless compassion, or genuine, world-turning, true love that men experience every day.  It’s nothing to be upset about, only understood.  Keep this wisdom close gentlemen, and remember to love women with your mind and never with your heart.

Watch yourselves out there.


Unconditional Love From A Woman Is Impossible



2 thoughts on “She Will Never Love You

  1. I do not agree, many are called but only few are chosen, unto them that are chosen it giving them to know the mystery, Christ the Word, in you is the hope of glory. God is you and you are All, therefore while I dont believe in paper marriages, judicial systems, you as God meeting you as God in another, constitute marriage that God, the source of All put together; no one can put asunder. People meet each other’s ego not each other’s soul. The ego is the one who wants to set himself higher than the most high. Jesus said He saw satan(ego) fall from heaven like lightening. They are real awakened one around who know the Truth and can see God in all faces, like jacob (Israel) saw in his brother. Love is possible, hard but possible- soul to soul. Peace


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