Is Atheism the New Religion?

The fact that this is an ongoing argument is ridiculous.  The reason is because atheism is not a religion.  By definition Atheism just defines a person who does not believe in a God, an afterlife, or a higher power.  That is it.  Religion usually describes a strict set of beliefs and guidelines for living as well as requiring the believer to have faith, worship, and pray among other things.   Two totally different things.

There are countless articles and videos online discussing and debating these two concepts but they all fail because they attempt to pit religion and atheism against each other.  The end result of this content is hours of word games and moot points being made by two sides that are too closed-minded to really listen or attempt to understand the other side.  

The concepts of religion and atheism are pretty vague without diving deeper into actual belief systems.  One would have to change the wording in the argument from atheism being a “religion” to atheism being a “belief system” in order to adequately argue from either side.

So to re frame the argument:  Is atheism a set of beliefs just like religion is a set of beliefs?  Yes, but one issue is that there are many types of religious and spiritual people who do not fit exactly with one religion, just like not all atheists participate in atheist churches ( a whole other box of worms), or believe in evolution.

Atheists will argue that they are living a life entirely without faith, and only peer-reviewed, repeatable, scientific experimentation is how we know what is real in our natural world.  But to have faith is to simply know something will come to be or to know things are a certain way.  Any one of us at some point has said that “I have faith in myself”, “I have faith in this president”,  “I have faith in my favorite sports team”, “I have faith in my spouse” to remain-you know, faithful.  So to say that faith is only something that pertains to religion is 100% false #fakenews.

You are basically putting your faith into whoever taught you what you know about science. Unless you are the one who made those discoveries or runs those tests then you have no idea what you are talking about. Science has given us a magnificent set of tools that have allowed us to discover some of the greatest mysteries of the universe, but science is always changing, and new discoveries change what we know about the universe all the time.

One other important point is that not all science is created equal, and what has been pushed onto us by the mainstream education system is not always without folly.  This can be seen in the fact that there is piling evidence from multiple sources to discredit evolution, something that many atheists have blind faith in without even knowing it.  This is where the atheists have just as much faith as the religious, one important difference being that if new science comes out to disprove the old, that atheists would likely embrace the new discoveries.

Others may argue about the Illuminati and the atheist religions of the New World Order and Global Government, which is an entirely different section of argument for conspiracy theorists.  However these theorists make an interesting point:  It does seem that certain very wealthy (and Jewish?) entities are responsible for the information that we are provided on our daily basis on our mobile devices and computers, and what is taught to our children in schools and colleges.

All of our faith has gone into these entities for our information and who knows how they decide to distribute this information to the masses.

Atheists don’t understand that it does not matter whether or not a religious person has faith in the afterlife, what truly matters is the belief.  In general religious people believe in  a God and an afterlife and atheists believe there is no afterlife and no god.  Both hold beliefs and that is the only way in which atheism and religion can be compared.

Atheism is not a religion, but it does have its preachers and believers and churches so it pretty much is.

Every human being has a belief system that they utilize, and it is through this mechanism that we individually, “make sense” of the world around us.


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3 thoughts on “Is Atheism the New Religion?

  1. I can follow your reasoning to a point, but this muddles the words too much. A non-believer does not “believe” in evolution and such. That misuses the word. Non-belief is not belief, or “religion.” This is one way Christian apologists try to dismiss non-belief as a belief system. It’s a weak argument that likes to play with semantics.


  2. Atheism is a belief system like total fasting is eating dinner

    Atheism is a religion like being 100% bald is a “hair style”

    Thousands of years ago, humans had no way to explain celestial mysteries, weather, biology, or much of their environment, so they invented religion and spiritual practices to fill the gaps.

    Religion evolved for millenia in many countries and many cultures to reflect the very people who invented their own gods and concepts. Christianity , like Islam and Judaism, shackles people to belief systems that are based in patriarchy, misogyny, ignorance, and anti-science stupidity.

    Religion is the single worst thing that has ever plagued humans since the dawn of history.
    IT is responsible for more wars, murder, suffering, ignornance, abuse, rape, and slavery than ANY other cultural or societal entity. Religion is mythology, and a life based on it is utter deception.

    God is a man made concept, created by humans to ensure obedience of the mass population, explain to primitive humans what science has long since revealed , and to extract money and goods from the masses so the elites and priesthood could live in luxury, just as we see happening today.

    Religion is a major obstacle to the human race achieving social and scientific progress, and our evolution as a species.


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