Race Wars 2017

The United States media is pushing race relations to an all time low.  This is probably the first time in American History where white people (especially white males) are reporting feeling oppressed and victimized by racism.  Welcome to the club.

2015 and 2016 saw the rapid growth of the alt-left, and alt-right movements.  The real danger behind proponents of both movements is that both sides are guilty of actually fake news and not listening to each other, shutting each other down before another side has a chance to speak.  This is the real danger that does not allow for real change and real progress with complicated issues.  People are still racist.

It’s almost inconceivable that we have so much intellect as a species and that racism still exists, but whatever you tell yourself is what ends up being true.  It is one of the most interesting things about the human mind. If you are a racist against black people then you should go and converse with someone who you hate.  Talk with them and find out why things are the way they are.  You will find that you have much more in common than anything.  It is no different for someone who is racist against white people.  They owe it to themselves to make a white friend.

Setting the record straight on racism

Racism on both sides will hold us back as individuals and collectively on a social, spiritual, and intellectual level.  Both sides loose sight of the real enemy which is the Global Elite and the Bank industry.  Consider this question:  Who do you think controls what we understand about history?  Who writes it?  You better believe that rich elite organizations are writing them, and if you do not think there is any bias or interests then you are living in a dream world.  Is public school able to buy up to date, high quality literature for hundreds of students or do you think that they are merely scraping by?

Black people argue that white people are evil.  Dark web biblical theorists go so far as to say that white people are a form of fallen angels.  They state that throughout history white people have performed the most unspeakable atrocities against our mother world and their fellow man.  Barbarians, vikings, the rape and enslavement of fellow man, the holocaust, are a few things that often come up.  Black people have definitely done their fair share of horrible killing but historically people with lighter skin definitely take the cake.  What blacks don’t understand is that it really is not the fault of the average white person, but the power hungry, global elite who control everything who just happen to be white and mostly Jewish.

White people who are racist are usually very quick to point out others’ faults and to blame others for their own problems and problems with society, but again they are loosing sight of who is truly to blame, and are not taking the time to understand why things are the way they appear.  Although white people are experiencing the tip of the racist ice berg now, they may never be able to understand what it is like growing up with dark skin in America.  First of all, most media and historical figures are portrayed as white.  Even the beloved Jesus of Christianity is portrayed as a white surfer when he was almost certainly black with “woolly hair”(direct quote from the bible)  Another example is Wentworth Chesswell, who rode with Paul Revere on the famous night where he was quoted “The British are coming!”

Those are just a few examples but that is just one of the ways that the globalists steal the identity from black youth.  In modern text books, black history starts in the 1600’s when the colonials came to pick slaves.  This is where the elite are stealing the history from black and white people.  How can black history start in the 1600’s when all of our human ancestors can be traced to black people in Africa? (other theories point to white people coming from neanderthals).

Racist whites love their statistics.  Yes, black people perform far more crimes than whites, and there are far more black living under the poverty line, so the correlation should be quite obvious.  Add the important fact that blacks are not in control of their media.  In fact, most “rappers” and other black musical styles’ record labels can be traced to white or Jewish ownership.  Their music tells them to do drugs, kill if they must and to steal if they must and poor families are much more prone to desperate situations.  Now add the fact that all the historical black male role models were “washed out” of history and we must ask ourselves the question, who are the black youth actually looking up to?  Blacks have been caught in a purposely placed vicious cycle which again, is not entirely their fault.

IQ studies of world populations are also an unreliable and an ignorant statistic that racists like to utilize.  There are many more dark skinned tribal societies than there are white ones.  Did these tribal societies write the test?  No, the “educated” white people did (educated in quotes because the elite associates write our text books).  The same person who scores 110+ on an IQ test may end up dead in one night alone in the wilderness.  The lifestyles are not the same.  The life skills are not the same.  Statistics are only useful if you understand the limitations of their context.

Embrace diversity.  Speak with those of different back grounds and discover that you have a common enemy.  Life is far to short to focus any energy on hate.







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