Science: There are only 2 Genders

Although gender identity has been getting lots of media attention lately it is really nothing new.  The concrete concepts surrounding the transgender movement have evolved over time, but historically men and women have been mutilating their bodies in all sorts of ways since the middle ages, and I would be willing to guess that these topics were discussed even before then.

We have talked briefly about how feminization destroys civilizations, which happens over a few centuries.  If you are not aware of this phenomenon or why it works please review links (1) and (2) as for this post I will be discussing beyond these concepts and focusing more on gender identity in the modern media.  To save you some reading basically what happens is as a civilization ages more feminist ideals, rules, and laws start to make their way into the society.  Why does this happen?  Simply put women want to be taken care of and men want to take care of them.  These feminine values get pushed to the point where men essentially become second class citizens in a society that values only the vagina, instead of the many penises who fought and died in order to get them there.  Women end up trading the “patriarchy” of the husband (and family) to strive for a different form of patriarchy:  The government.  

Then what happens?  This creates Men who Go Their Own Way,  a mousier type of man who does not and a myriad of men who can go either way.  The problem is that the men who are truly warriors, innovative, wise, and strong can see these feminist pitfalls and will do whatever they can to avoid them, while the mouse-men either pretend it is not an issue or are easily convinced that there is no problem.  This has reactions as well.  MGTOW minded men will not raise children and mousey-type men will procreate and produce mousey-type children.

If you don’t think that men are becoming second class citizens in our society then let me enlighten you about a few things:  Women can get grants for starting a stream on twitch (live streaming website), men are 14x more likely to be incarcerated and spend time in prison than women.  The criminal justice system is designed to prosecute and incarcerate men even though women are equally (or more) guilty of crimes.  80% of men are homeless and there are special shelters just for women.  Women have dominated college enrollment and graduation rates since the 1980’s due to affirmative action policies that lower standards for women and punish young men attempting to get degrees in science, technology, engineering and math.  The rise of “women studies” and “gender studies” programs have also had a discriminatory effect on admissions and degrees, as these programs are exclusively catered towards women.  Don’t even get me started on divorce and alimony.  The list honestly goes on.

Men are also 3x more likely than a women to get gender realignment surgery – or the act of getting surgery to switch one set of genitals to the other. I’m not saying that the inequality between men and women is the only reason for this, but it is most likely a factor even if only on the subliminal level.  I’m not saying that a woman’s life is free of struggle, but let’s be honest:  women get taken care of in our society and men (or the men of the government) do all the care taking.

Why Gender Realignment Surgery is NEVER the answer
If you are one of those people who think that gender is not a binary thing then you are wrong and you should know the difference between gender, sexual identity, and sexual orientation.  They are very different things.  Men and Women are not the same.  “The entire chromosomal profile of an organism is included in every individual cell, so it is possible to identify gender by examining the DNA of even a single cell.”  Not only are we talking about DNA here (which you cannot change), but also the skeletal structure of a man’s is very different between that of a female.  Men have different shaped skulls, usually more prominent jaw lines, broader shoulders, thinner hips and usually larger hands and feet.
Men and women have very different hormone cycles as well which really go crazy after puberty.  These hormones are controlled by your brain in order to develop the proper skeleton and sexual organs among other things.  100% reversal of your hormones is impossible and even medications can only “help” with feminization.

This means that even if someone has the many hundreds of thousands of dollars and gets the OK from their physician, gets the best plastic surgery, and takes hormones, they will still never understand what it is like to change genders because your skeletal structure, your chromosomes and your DNA will never change.  Someone who changes from male to female as an adult will never understand what it is like to grow up as a female in modern society, they would never menstruate, and they would never ever be able to bring life into this world in the same way as a born woman.

No amount of hormones and surgery will ever change that.  Also you will be stuck with your thin hips and broad shoulders which will just make things more obvious.  Beauty is subjective but if you ask me Caitlin Jenner looks quite unsettling as a female and is definitely not what I would call attractive.  On a side note I think that it is pretty hilarious that he kept his penis and is only attracted to females – which makes his entire situation sound a lot more like a fetish, or a mental condition of some type, and with post transgender alignment surgery patients having about 40% suicide rate (that is REALLY high), could not one say this is a form of gender dysphoria let loose?

Not my cup of tea.

I think that it is pretty normal for people to wish they could be the opposite sex.  I remember being a young boy in elementary school and wishing I could be a woman after seeing how well the young females were treated and how they were held to a different standard, but I never become obsessed with the idea and I guess I grew out of it.  This is particularly alarming because of how much media attention Jenner got and how many considered him a “hero” for what he did.  Call me old fashioned, but the real heroes will always be police, nurses, firefighters, teachers and soldiers not someone who mutilates himself in order to live out a fetish.

Stay strong my people.


1) Feminism destroys civilizations:

2)Feminism responsible for the fall of Rome:

Free money for Female Twitch Streamers:

The difference between men and women is biology:



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