MGTOW Mentality Continues to Spread in 2019 – Can The Movement Be Stopped?

2019 is bound to make us question reality.

As many of you who use social media may know, it can be a powerful tool when it comes to spreading information.  It has been bittersweet to see an astounding amount of growth not only in some of the information on this website (let’s be real – the MGTOW stuff) but also the growth of a lot media that I follow which are MGTOW focused.

I say bittersweet because the truth is that MGTOW only continues to grow because men are still being treated unfairly or just outright ignored.  I think its important to say that I’m not someone who considers himself a MGTOW although some of the knowledge I have gained from these men has been extremely valuable.  My issue with MGTOW is that it is a reaction to a problem and offers very little in terms of solutions.  However, it goes without saying that lots of MGTOW ideas are based around logic which a modern man can not ignore.

Why is MGTOW still growing?

People are generally logical and the principles of MGTOW are rooted in logic.  Although the classic definition of MGTOW can be very concrete I think its important to realize that these types of men come in different shades.  This means that each mans definition of MGTOW and what methods and how far he may go is different for each man.  Some men will carry the knowledge to use to their advantage and other men will cut out women from their lives all together.  Some men will continue to date women but many will never marry.    Each man will make their own choice based on the knowledge that is shared with them by MGTOW and “red pill” principles if they choose to receive it.

MGTOW mentality will continue to grow as long as feminism continues to spiral deeper out of control.  Modern feminism does not stop at equal rights but it demands equal representation even in cases where it is not necessary.  At times this representation comes at the cost of men especially considering that this representation is only demanded for the “good” jobs that society has to offer:  “We need more women in Hollywood, more female doctors, more female scientists” but what about female sanitation workers, female loggers, female miners for example.  Modern feminists seem to only want the easy and high paying jobs, leaving the men to do the dirty, dangerous, and low paying work.  

In the last two years we have seen a giant rise in e-girls, online sex work, and female streamers who are often referred to as THOTs (that ho over there).  The term THOT gained popularity being used to refer to the plague of “titty streamers” that took over the IRL section of twitch.  These THOTS often sit in front of the camera wearing tight and revealing clothing and almost always offer nothing to their viewers in terms of talent or content beyond their good looks.  Essentially twitch has become and remained a softcore porn site for young men and boys.  Females are overwhelmingly successful with these practices but no one is calling for equal representation here.

    The dating scene in 2019 is a horrendous mess of misinformation, misrepresentation, and incredibly shallow values.  Not only is meeting people online a frustrating experience for everyone involved, but studies show that men are the ones who suffer the most in these interactions.  Men are not programmed to finding a mate this way, and dating and even hookup apps can be horrible for the self esteem and self confidence of the average male.  Men have also received very mixed signals from society and media itself.  Consider Brie Larson, who stated that she felt like she needed to live life on the “defense” because she smiled at a man who proceeded to approach her and ask her for her phone number, and the recent razor commercial showing that approaching a female and talking to her in person is considered “Toxic Masculinity”.  These inconsistent messages are ruining it for women who want to be approached by confident men and the men who are bad at online communication but good at interpersonal communications, skills which helped build our very society, skills that actually matter.

Ironically it is the modern women who should be the most angry with modern feminism.  Men can choose to walk away from this toxic state of society but women are now forced to work the same soul-draining jobs as men and studies prove that the modern women is more stressed, unhappy and less fulfilled than ever.  Who would have thought?  Society has convinced the modern women that raising a child is no longer the most important job of all and women who do have the stay-at-home-mom life are often berated and bullied by other women.  What modern feminists do not understand is that there will always be a patriarchy.  Someone will always be in charge of making decisions for you besides you.  This can be your mom, dad, siblings or even your boss at work.  Modern feminism is replacing  the patriarchy of fathers with that of the government and everyone is suffering. By having more women ignoring their biology and biological history, the end result seems to be more tax revenue for the government, a broken family unit, and a smaller and more easily controlled population.

Way more than a boy’s club?

People who have insisted that the MGTOW movement is just a temporary crybaby boy’s club are ending up with their feet in their mouths.  I have recently seen a surge in articles with complaints about the spread of this logical mentality.  The complainers are for the most part modern feminists. Recent reports indicate that boys as young as elementary school age are sharing “red pill” principles, and youtube videos to their peers.  And you thought Fortnite was bad!

Can MGTOW be stopped?

In my opinion this is only the beginning and things will get far worse in respect to the culture of heterosexual relationships in the west.  Many argue that this is partly due to a hidden agenda of depopulating the western world to make things easier for elites and at this point there actually does seem to be mounting evidence for these ideas.  A more palatable deduction is that as modern feminism continues to fester with toxic ideas, more and more men will continue to walk away.  We need to look at the mental health of men and treat them as valuable if we want to begin to understand the root of the problems in today’s society.  We need to figure out why men get more gender reassignment surgery than women, and why women are more miserable than ever before.  I think that like most answers in life, the truth is hidden in plain sight.

The solution involves meeting the in middle and treating each other with respect once more.  Men and women both need to start embracing family values.  Cheating and betraying your relationship partner needs to NOT be normalized and women and men should both celebrate and practice a bit of modesty.  Remember that when it comes to your own mental health a little self-respect goes a long way.

Stay safe, and good luck out there.  You’ll need it.


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