Captain Marvel – Her Superpower is Boredom

Captain Marvel is a not a great movie. This has nothing to do with Brie Larson’s borderline racist comments which actually ended up being genius marketing for an otherwise flavorless film. Also, my opinion has nothing to do with Brie Larson being a woman. My opinion comes from being in the theatre and feeling more painfully bored than I ever have been before. So what went wrong?

The story plays out in such a way that the audience knows what is going on much before Carol Danvers, the character that Larson plays, does. This makes for some pretty boring storytelling. I mean how exciting can amnesia really be? Not to mention amnesia has to be the most lazy trope a writer can use to fill out a story. Samuel L Jackson had a few good lines of Dialogue with Brie Larson, but for the most part it was very uninteresting and forgettable. I think that part of Brie Larson’s wooden dialogue and appearance was due to direction (at least I hope so), but it definitely did not help that she had no personality and this was particularly jarring around an actor who oozes personality like Nick Fury.

Light spoiler warning. What I really didn’t like was that she was basically a douchebag throughout the movie. In her last line to the main villain when he asks her to prove herself with fight fair, as if she is talking to the patriarchy of the world herself, Carol Danvers states: “I don’t have to prove anything to you”, before blasting the “villain” of the story and sending him off to his homeworld. End Spoiler warning.

The problem with Carol Danvers not proving herself to her nemesis is that she was also unsuccessful at proving herself to her audience. There is zero character development here. Carol Danvers is a douche who got her powers by accident and now she is the strongest hero in the MCU. She couldn’t fight at the beginning of the movie and she still can’t at the end. If you take away her powers you are left with almost nothing. What are her powers? Well, she can fly and shoot beams out of her fists. Basically ironman without the suit. Out of all the heroes & heroines in the MCU Captain Marvel is who Disney wants to be the new face of Marvel.

I feel the same way.

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