Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s Silent War on Women

Updated: 9/9/2019

I have said before that women should be ironically more upset with modern feminism than any man. This is because men have a much easier choice to make when faced with feminist ideology. Men can and have – and in increasing numbers – been choosing to #walkaway from the toxic culture created by modern feminism. While it is important to note that men are indeed under attack by social media personalities, commentators, and click-baiters alike, women have been the victim of a far more sinister scheme than anyone could have imagined. Their destruction goes far deeper and is incessantly perpetuated by today’s victim culture and mentality.

First of all, Google, Facebook, & Twitter are all far-left leaning organizations. New developments in the Ted Cruise vs. Google case have shown that Google is indeed guilty of censoring and manipulating search results to show you only what Google wants you to see. Since something like 90% of the internet uses google to get them to the correct website, its easy to see that Google has a monopoly on ideas and in turn ideals.

Due to previous and on-going court cases between the US government and big-tech companies, it is now undeniably obvious that Facebook and Twitter are essentially left leaning (and perhaps far, alt-left) publications who do not allow for alternative view-points and idea sharing on their websites. There is currently a growing list of individuals being banned for posting opposing viewpoints to progressives. By banning conservative ideals, Google can be sure that their “point of view” is the only one you always see.

Controlling the Narrative

This is where things get very sinister. It is a well known and documented fact that what you see and read affects your inner person. It’s also worth mentioning that you are constantly exposed to a myriad of subliminal messages, and Google knows that they can essentially control what you think and and believe by only showing you what they want you to see.

It’s no secret that women use social media more than men. Social media is extra addicting to women since women are much more social and materialistic creatures than men on average (it’s in their DNA). Combine this with “influencers” who push extremely harmful life-styles, materialism, socialism, and most dangerous of all, man-hating on their audience and you have the ingredients for the rift growing between men and women today.

I have to say man-hating instead of feminism because modern feminism is no longer about equal rights. Modern feminism seems to be more about reparations, doing things in spite of men, and just attacking men and boys in general. With boys and men continuously being emasculated by the toxic culture feminism creates, it is no wonder why testosterone levels for the average male are much lower than ever before in modern history.

Women are taught to hate men online by Facebook and Twitter in the same way that men are taught to hate women by the alt-right. Both are extreme, but the difference is that Facebook and Twitter allow and even support creators who spread far-left ideology, while banning all those who openly oppose it. The easiest way to loose your compassion, humanity, understanding, and most importantly your sense of the “bigger picture” is by surrendering yourself to “Us versus Them” mentality. Blindly blaming others for your problems doesn’t actually help those problems get any better.

Not only does feminism promote a harmful lifestyle for women that often leads to higher levels of stress and depression, but it leads women to miss out on listening to their biological clocks and many women end up with a depression that some women have described as unbearable. This an increasingly common form of depression is known as “childlessness“. Women who experience grief from not having any children often experience intense regret, guilt, depression and a lack of fulfillment in their later years of life. Women often describe childlessness depression symptoms after loosing one or both parents.

Google wants you to kill your babies. Even before they are born.

Google, in their push for liberalism have effectively caused infantile genocide both by robbing females of the emotional sanity and maturity to listen to the truth of their own biology and by pushing abortion as a women’s rights issue. (It’s a human right’s issue (right to LIFE) and no, you don’t get to decide when life starts just like you should not get to decide when one ends. The act of ending a human life is murder. Period. It should only be reserved for cases where there is medical necessity or for victims of sexual violence.) By pushing abortion as a “women’s-rights” issue instead of a “human-rights” issue, we essentially are murdering innocent children in the name of women’s “freedom” (remember men, even if you are the father you get NO say whether or not your child is murdered) and this is incredibly short sighted and self-centered. If parents preached modesty and responsibility then abortions wouldn’t be half as necessary in the first place.

Who gains from all this baby killing?

Those baby parts aren’t just thrown in the trash. This part oddly has links to The Freemason cult that many wealthy people are connected to. Some will say that killing babies is the will of cult leaders and Satanists. A more practical explanation is that wealthy elites do not want “poor people” to have their own children. Do you think wealthy people have abortions? While this is merely conjecture, what we do know to be true is that planned parenthood, the organization responsible for overseeing most of the abortions in the United States was found guilty of illegally profiting from selling baby parts.

Think of who is really loosing here in the long run.
A 45 year old man can find a younger female to have children with. What options does a 45 year old woman have? Think of your countless ancestors who had to hunt literal wild animals so that you as an individual can be reading these words right now. Countless generations of you and your family had to eke out a living and survive to get you to where you are. You owe it to them to make sure their legacy- your legacy lives on. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other forms of social media seek to destroy your legacy.

But why would Google want us to have less children you may ask? Many signs are showing that the wealthy elites of the world would like to decrease the size of the population. Other signs show links between many powerful, wealthy elites, Freemasonry, and occult religion (satanism more or less) where it is possible that sacrifices be made to ensure certain entities remain happy or to reach certain goals. I know a few readers may be saying: “High Horse, you really believe satanists want to destroy Earth lol?”, but I’ll do my best to explain it to you the way it was explained to me. There are secrets about this existence that only the most powerful people in the world understand, and just because you and I don’t believe in their “dark magic” doesn’t make it any less real to them, and it doesn’t reduce the steps they’ll take because of it.

Make America Gay Again

It is common knowledge that “great strides” have been made in recent years for people who come in all kinds of colors, different walks of life, and all aspects of sexual orientation. While I will never be someone who takes any issue or offense with anyone who identifies LGTBQ+, there are some real world and individual consequences that come with pushing this life-style to the youth of today.

One problem with today’s internet culture is that pornographic images and videos are easily available to basically anyone of any age. Pornography is known to cause sexual dysfunction, aggression, and promotes odd fetishes to it’s viewers. Your brain treats porno the same way it treats drugs like cocaine, which means you will become addicted and you will require more stimuli for the same effect. This will 100% lead to sexual deviance which is for the most part extremely unhealthy for long-term relationships. Family member sex, rape, brutal, gang-bang, are frequently featured and rank high among searched videos on many pornographic platforms today, and that is what is considered the “tame” stuff.

Now, I’m not saying that LGTBQ people are really just seeking to make their own fetishes a reality, but deep down there is probably a little more truth to this than anyone would dare to give credit. By elimating “gender”, society has begun to dismantle the realities that make human life possible. This opens the flood gates for predatory opportunists, and now a man can go into a female’s locker room or bathroom as long as he claims he is a woman. Consider the case of Jessica janiv, a trans-person (male to female) and activist who published a picture of herself in a woman’s locker room with children in the background.

More men have sex changes than women

It’s often overlooked that men undergo gender reassignment more often than woman. Statistics for this are honestly quite hard to find and are most likely being purposely buried. I think there are a lot of reasons why men transition more than women, but I think it mostly comes down to men wanting to get a taste of that sweet female privilege. Let’s face it, women are treated extremely well in western society. Most people who undergo transitions from male to female most always “want to be treated like a woman” when it comes to relationships with others.

Being a man in modern society is horrible. Society still expects men to be chivalrous while females have sex with everything that moves, are increasingly getting better positions than men in spite of men, and initiate divorce at a much higher rate than men. All the while men are still performing the vast majority of the dangerous and dirty jobs that women want nothing to do with. Women are unironically having their cake and eating it too and the man picks up the tab.

Again, I personally have no objections to anyone who identifies as LGTBQ+, but statistics can give us a small insight into their lifestyle on average.
The following are a few very unpopular statistics in relation to being homosexual:

” 73% of psychiatrists say homosexuals are less happy than the average person, and of those psychiatrists, 70% say that the unhappiness is NOT due to social stigmatization

25-33% of homosexuals and lesbians are alcoholics.

50% of suicides can be attributed to homosexuals.

33% of homosexuals ADMIT to minor/adult sex”

The truth is painful to accept sometimes, but it is in facing the truth and seeing it with understanding that we can really focus on making things better. Before you hit the X due to being triggered by “hate facts” you have to understand that every race, country, and culture has their own problems. White people have issues with mental illness, blacks have crime, Indians have alcoholism and there is a logical reason for all these things if one has the courage to seek answers. Clearly, more unbiased research needs to be done concerning individuals identifying as LGTBQ and their mental health and well-being. Still, while some will argue that putting LGTBQ figures and community leaders in the forefront is nothing but a good thing, many argue that children are unfairly being pushed into normalizing and adopting a more dangerous life-style.

Gays can not produce their own children naturally.

Insane notion, I know. This possibly leads back to decreasing the population. Obviously, gay individuals can not produce children of their own which can lead to depression by childlessness later on in life. Gay couples can get around this by adopting which may help to ease the intense emotional anguish of not being able to procreate and pass on one’s lineage. Studies show that children do better with gay parents than no parents at all so I think this is one of the best scenarios for someone in that position.

There will always be a patriarchy.

Women are constantly pandered to online because they are emotional creatures. Having emotions is important but when an individual is too emotional this will likely cloud judgement and block out reason. Women have been sold a lie that “men are the cause of all woman’s problems”. Women are constantly being told that they deserve better instead of being grateful for the equality that exists in modern western society. (True feminists should consider taking a closer look at the Middle-East where women still can not vote, drive, or go outside in public without a man present.) This naturally led a generation of emotionally stunted women to ditch their husbands and become single mothers, robbing their sons and daughters of a positive male role model, and thereby continually perpetuating false stereotypes. This has been happening in black communities since the end of slavery and now it is spreading to all of western society.

Essentially, women were conned into replacing the “patriarchy” in their lives with the patriarch that is Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and women are the ones who will pay the highest price. Extreme feminists (and far leftests) have been trying to turn the Patriarchy into the government for a long time now, whether they know it or not. Someone is always in charge and even if you eliminate all possible males from leadership there will still be someone who is making decisions for you besides you. It could be your boss, your lover, your mom.

Corrupt power is the true enemy of men and women from all walks of life. This is what Occupy Wall-Street was originally about – but the media and a few paid trolls ruined the message that both sides -left and right- came together to say. The media just changed the phrase “fight the power” into “fight the patriarchy”. Fighting the power does not work in the favor of wealthy elites. Fighting the patriarchy definitely does.


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