Rise of the Incel

Probably one of the more heartbreaking side effects from the modern feminist movement is the sheer amount of ‘involuntary celibates’ (or incels for short) being created by the rift growing between heterosexual men and women. An incel is a term commonly used to describe males and increasingly females that have difficulties getting dates and starting romantic relationships for a variety of reasons.

Now we can get even break things up further by separating red pill incels with blue pill incels. A RedPilled Incel can come in the form of a man who has learned or become MGTOW, and chooses to avoid interactions with women because he doesn’t like or trust them. A BluePilled Incel is usually seen “white knighting” (protecting, and defending women at all costs no matter the reasoning) for females, lives by the male-feminist code, and for that reason is unattractive and is only able to co-exist with females as a beta orbiter. Both extremes have the same problem but for different reasons.

Part of the reason for this growing divide between heterosexual men and women is the cancer that is online dating and social media. Statistically, women only go for the top 10-20% of men based on appearance and status, with the majority of successful male dating app users being white, attractive, and of a good ‘status (they make money). That means that most women are only trying to date guys that are out of their league. This means that those top 10% males are the only ones getting the majority of dates on the site or app. Basically what happens next is those top 10% males “run through” all the attractive females on the site, and these top males will almost always move on to find their next pump and dump. Those women will wonder why he never called them back, but in reality he’s just moved on to the next whore. That is how modern dating sites are being used today.

The other large factor working against men on dating websites and apps is that men are not as effective at courting women this way. This works well for women, because they are on average much more social creatures than men, and women are essentially given all the power on most dating sites. You can not get a feel of someone’s real personality by reading something they wrote in order to sell themselves. You could be ignoring the guy or girl of your dreams because you thought their profile or introduction was boring. This is where men suffer the most, because most guys are intelligent, charismatic, and have a good sense of humor but you wont find much of that personality on a dating profile.

Where have all the good Men (and Women) gone?

They all got married and have children and are living the family life. Think about it: Everybody knows someone who basically married their high school sweetheart and is living the family life out in the middle of nowhere. Good guys and girls exist its just that they get snatched up VERY QUICKLY. Some women discover very young and usually taught by their mothers and grandmothers, that the key to happiness and fulfillment in life is to put the family first.

Modern Feminism teaches narcissism to females. Modern feminism, and to an extent modern liberalism teaches individuals to put themselves first. Modern liberalism teaches you that you should act on your feelings and ensure that everyone co-exists without their feelings being hurt. The problem with constantly using feelings to discuss issues is that the part of your brain that feels outrage, fear, and anxiety is the lowest possible portion of the brain. The brainstem. This “hotstate” form of thinking has been used by gambling agencies and mobile game creators because essentially a “hotstate” brain is about -10 points of IQ. When you’re thinking with feelings, logic and intelligence goes out the window. Add this to the fact that females on average spend much more time on social media, where the same damaging ideas (men are bad. men are evil. white/orange man bad) are backed up by an echo chamber of circular reasoning, and you have a recipe for keeping women and men fighting about non-issues with no end in sight.

Breaking the Incel Cycle

I really hate to talk about real issues and not offer at least some simple solutions. Not everyone who becomes an incel actually wants to live that way. But what can be done?

Leave behind any groups that only offer hateful, circular reasoning and non real solutions: Whether you’re male or female, this is probably the best advice I could give you. Mgtow can be just as extreme as feminism. If you’re frequently around people or in message boards where people are constantly only being hateful you will become the same. No one wants to be around someone who sees hate in everything all the time. If you are a member of a hateful community then you owe it to yourself to figure out why you truly hate what you hate and what could be done to fix things.

For example, it’s not enough to know that black people, who make up only 13% of the US population commit 50% of the crime. To understand the bigger picture you have to be willing to research the history of black people
in the US: Who gave them crack cocaine in the first place? Who owns their most popular music labels and why are they encouraged to make music about bragging about going to prison and breaking the law. Who benefits from all this law breaking? Hateful communities never develop true understanding of the bigger picture and are forever stuck in that low IQ brainstem reptilian mode of fight or flight thinking.

Exercise: You don’t need to go start lifting giant weights and injecting protein shakes. A 30min walk is a very good form of non-strenuous exercise that wont lead you down the path of eventual injury. This is perfect if you have a dog, or maybe you can even find a trusted friend or family member’s dog to walk for some extra money. This is enough exercise for a lazy person to get all the “good” benefits of working out like endorphins and fat burning.

If you are a guy, building some noticeable upper body strength will have the ladies throwing themselves at you. You don’t need a gym membership to start seeing results. Push ups, pull-ups, squats, and hand stand pushups (prison work outs) will do wonders for your appearance and confidence, and can be done from your room. Upper body strength is tremendously sexy to females from an evolutionary perspective. That’s why even hardcore feminists fall for chads.

Confidence: Working out helps this a lot. Women love a confident male. It’s OK to be even a little cocky, but don’t take it too far. Since dating sites are trash I will always recommend that you try to meet people in real life settings such as the super market, church, club meetings, and other social settings. Try not to meet girls or guys at the bar. Most bar dwellers are trashy people and probably have herpes. The best place to meet someone is at a place where you can share a mutual interest. Don’t be afraid to say hi and get to know people.

I’ll be adding some more information and general tips for my male incel friends on a different post since I feel that men and boys are the ones suffering the most today. Thanks for coming by and Red pill someone you love today!


4 thoughts on “Rise of the Incel

  1. for the 1st time, i am disagreeing with you SIR. The thing is that, the dark side, then teaches men everything like me, which they had been brainwashed into believing it.The same old notion of GOD COUNTRY FAMILY which we grew up with as CONSERVATIVES.Why does a man has to become a CHAD/TYRONE with 8 packs to show that women might LOVE HIM or atleast get in the sack with him ???

    Afterall, we were told that no matter what we are, how we are,how much we earn,etc. Women will LOVE MEN UNONDITIONALLY ???
    Atleast that was PROJECTED,wasn’t it ???

    If women become a chunky,whiny,kinda woman and cuts her hairs short, then she is acceptable to the gynocentric society, but not a morbidly obese guy ????

    Moreover, ask your HOLIER THAN THOU (gynocentric) society as to why PROSTITUTION is criminalized ? (Both Liberals & Conservatives).

    Do you know why, because it will create an outlet for a man to have some sort of outlet as well as sexual relief ???

    Why do men go to stripclubs ? Because they are not getting any lapdances at home right ???

    Here is the thing, any woman no matter how old is she or how fat is she, she just has to spread her legs to get laid. Men cannot do the same.

    Now if men also start getting laid frequently and gain some sort of confidence in life, they would then tighten their belts and start doing innovative things for themselves which could/or could not benefit the society.

    Now this would crumble the entire empire of women who think that by making men as thirsty they could keep them under control. Otherwise there would had been an OPEN SEASON on women anyways.

    So instead of giving tips for INCELS, tell society to MILITATIZE THEIR MEN & BOYS SINCE THEIR CHILDHOOD,Like people of SPARTA & Roman empire did. The weak would die out anyways. And Legalize POLYGAMY & PROSTITUTION.

    Afterall, if same sex marriages could be allowed & PORN IS AVAILABLE, why not the concept of SISTER WIVES & COMPULSORY MILITARY TRAINING & RAISING BOYS AS CHILD SOLDIERS which the spartans did , a boy was taken into the men’s custody , raised like a LION, men used to awaken his MALE nature & leave him to die, if he survives and is not handicapped, he served till the age of 50 in the military, used to get laid with many wives (P.S. masturbation was a punishable crime).

    And if the West cannot do all this as a SOCIETY, then its all gone and as the society become more & more feminine, its conquered by other adversarial civilizations, like we saw in the last days of ROME.

    Enjoy the last days of our civilization while we still CAN. Why take a toil & try to red-pill this pretentious society which is hell bent on destroying itself ??

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    1. I think you made some really great points to be honest. We definitely need to do something with these young men and boys’s pent up angers and frustrations. I’m not saying we necessarily need to raise our children like child soldiers but there is something to be said about raising tough men. You make a great point about the fall of civilizations too. Great post.

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      1. education of hand to hand combat and martial arts is the BASIC FOUNDATION of everything Sir. And regarding the Polygynous marriages, MEN are POLYGYNOUS (a part of polygamy in which the male sperm donor has many receivers, its a part of ANTHROPOLOGY, you can google it sir) BY NATURE.

        A man could live as a single man, women should not live as a single woman. Alas ! nowadays women are married to the STATE,not in the name of GOD COUNTRY FAMILY BS WHICH WE GREW UP WITH.

        And the fact is i am placing blames and taking names, unless & until these self-proclaimed “good women” beat up feminists and throw molotov cocktails in the NOW HQs, nobody is gonna believe women. Feminism has tainted the interaction between a male & a female forever. That’s a shortpoint


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