What Can Women Do About Men Going Their Own Way?

Getting this question from females truly gives me hope for the future of western society. Sadly, many women and girls are just discovering what many men have been experiencing for decades. Many men have gone their own way and will probably never come back. But is there any hope for ladies who understand these red pill principles to snag themselves a good guy before it’s too late?

What can be done to stop men from going their own way and abandoning women?

I think for most women who lack faith, morals, and a female code of honor it will probably be too tempting to continue to things as they are, and to use female privilege to their advantage.  Women are also especially prone to ‘NPC’ behavior, ‘going with the flow’, believing what the media tells them, and radical left ideas because of their more social nature and the prevalence of social media in western society today.  Hypergamy is sadly an ingrained part of female nature and has been going on for thousands of years, and so the option will always exist in a female’s deck of cards.This is why statistics show that females are often the ones who initiate divorce and break ups. 

Women need to take responsibility for their actions

One thing that has to be deeply understood about this life is that when you do bad things, it absolutely has an effect on the rest of the world.  When you cheat on somebody, you are giving your partner trust issues that they will absolutely carry into their next relationship.  A man who is divorced and loses everything will end up far more bitter than a man who does not go through the same experience.  These types of men become MGTOW, never look back, and make it their life’s goal to teach other men about the pitfalls of female behavior.   Who can blame them?

Slut Shaming; good or bad?

The only way to get the “good men” to come back, is for women to prove that women are still capable of being “good women”.  The problem is that degeneracy has become synonymous with feminism, and as the degeneracy continues, more and more good men will see this behavior and decide they want nothing to do with it.  Many women despise the concept of slut shaming but the act of slut shaming actually has been very beneficial to society in the long run.  Men historically avoided easy women because when it comes to breeding, most men do not like the surprise of finding out that a baby being carried by his partner is not his.  These “loose” women would also carry dangerous sexually transmitted diseases (just like modern times) so it is very important for a man to find a ‘chaste’ woman to settle down with.  Studies have shown that the best indicator to know whether or not someone will be unfaithful to their partner is their previous amount of sexual partners.  More sexual partners means a higher likelihood of cheating in long term relationships.  Having more sexual partners is also quite bad for your mental health in general.  Statistics and history have proven that a nuclear family and monogamy creates much healthier societies. 

Get off of social media

Delete it all.  Not only are these giant corporations invading your privacy in terrifying ways and selling your personal data to the highest bidder but social media is a big-time relationship killer, and propaganda machine.  A battle of culture is taking place on almost all social media platforms.  It is a pointless struggle which has poor and middle class people fighting among themselves when we really should be more focused on the wealthy elites pitting us against each other.  The growing wealth gap between rich and poor people continues to grow while we all squabble over political correctness. 

Expect things to get worse before they get better

I think ‘good women’ will have to accept that more and more good men will no longer risk getting married.  If you love your man, truly as a person, I think this is something every woman should be able to come to accept.  You wouldn’t want to put your significant other at a risk of having their life destroyed would you?  It would be unfair, and selfish to the person you care about to expect them to take a risk for your ‘love’.  Marriage in the eyes of the state is simply not worth the risk for a modern man. 

Women need to take the time to understand the concerns of MGTOW and discuss ways with them to compromise.  Only then can things begin to improve.  One major problem is that many men have already made the conscious decision to walk away from meaningful relationships with women, many for good reasons, and my opinion is that many of these men will never again offer another chance to the females of western society.  

It is my hope that both men and women will once again show each other the respect they deserve and remember how complimentary they can be.  This along with a bit of modesty can help improve the growing gap between men and women today.

Reveal the truth, no matter the cost.


One thought on “What Can Women Do About Men Going Their Own Way?

  1. Hate to re-iterate what i said in the “rise of incels” article you wrote good sir. but respect is earned. We as men know that, we don’t start off with a position of respect, we start off with a position of “show me”.

    So I truly believe that Gender Respect could be there, but women are exhibitionists. They love to flaunt their puppy dog stories and cancel the things which are GENERALLY TRUE about Female Nature.

    They cannot accept it.

    But i have something more important to tell you on which i had been thinking about a lot.
    If you ask me even if, the laws are equal and not based on The Duluth Model & all the other stuff which could get RAPE & SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAWS as Gender Neutral & women become rational individuals & the whole society is turned upside down in a very egalitarian way, STILL I WOULD NOT GO BACK TO THE PLANTATION.

    Now many men, who think like me are thinking that perhaps it is best not to go back regardless of what happens,the society anyways is not treating them fairly anyways.

    Not only in the anglo saxon world, look at the herbivore men of Japan, MGTOW spreading to China, India, South East Asia,Africa.

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”- Jiddu Krishnamurti

    The future is Dystopian & Individualistic, where the state could jail anyone for voicing their opinion & the misandrist cancel cancel culture.

    There are Hard Times coming in for every civilization, be it India,China,Japan ,South East Asia & the anglo saxon world. The demography & population boom is gone already, Porn is just one click away. So why break our backs in the name of GOD COUNTRY FAMILY ? It is a LIE.

    All i am saying is that EVEN IF, we go back to the good old days of 40s & 50s, nobody, literally no sane/wse man wants to put his head on a chopping block once again.

    There are already articles by VICE which suggest that Testosterone in men is dropping every year by 1% & soon human race would go extinct. ( I know its from 2017, but still relevant)


    I know i might sound stupid, but that is my surmise, i hope i am proven wrong.


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