Rise of the Incel

Probably one of the more heartbreaking side effects from the modern feminist movement is the sheer amount of ‘involuntary celibates’ (or incels for short) being created by the rift growing between heterosexual men and women. An incel is a term commonly used to describe males and increasingly females that have difficulties getting dates and starting […]

Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s Silent War on Women

Women are taught to hate men online by Facebook and Twitter in the same way that men are taught to hate women by the alt-right. Both are extreme, but the difference is that Facebook and Twitter allow and even support creators who spread far-left ideology, while banning all those who openly oppose it.

Science: There are only 2 Genders

Although gender identity has been getting lots of media attention lately it is really nothing new.  The concrete concepts surrounding the transgender movement have evolved over time, but historically men and women have been mutilating their bodies in all sorts of ways since the middle ages, and I would be willing to guess that these […]

Race Wars 2017

The United States media is pushing race relations to an all time low.  This is probably the first time in American History where white people (especially white males) are reporting feeling oppressed and victimized by racism.  Welcome to the club. 2015 and 2016 saw the rapid growth of the alt-left, and alt-right movements.  The real […]

Chivalry is dead… but never lived to begin with.

Chivalry is Dead… But never lived to begin with You must understand that women destroy everything.  Women destroyed Chivalry, but not in the 1900’s.  Chivalry was a term that came from the Dark Ages, and had all to do with a Knights Code.  The knight was expected to have a kind caring side to oppose […]