Be Grateful

Part of what drives our gynocentric society is the fact that the corporations that run the media want you to keep buying their products.  They do this by imprinting the idea that you will become happy, healthy, and beautiful by buying their products.  Look at any advertisement and they all try to sell you items […]

Makeup is a Lie

Men must be aware of the phenomenon of female deception.  This will help the man maintain his cool around all women.  Next time you find a women really beautiful, really look at this woman.  Many women only look good with makeup and look very average all natural. This is part of the act of attracting […]

Men, Respect Your Nature

Women, look away, I need to be frank with my bro’s.   ….   There is one very important thing that every man must understand.  Do not listen to any advice that women give to men.  Women do not actually know what they want.  They are like children.   Women want a MGTOW, feminists want […]