What Can Women Do About Men Going Their Own Way?

Many men have gone their own way and will probably never come back


Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s Silent War on Women

Women are taught to hate men online by Facebook and Twitter in the same way that men are taught to hate women by the alt-right. Both are extreme, but the difference is that Facebook and Twitter allow and even support creators who spread far-left ideology, while banning all those who openly oppose it.

Diet Red Pill

Dieting is a huge issue for millions of people all over the world.  Everyone eats and everyone has preferences.  Some do it purely for survival purposes and others entire lives revolve around their next meal.  I have researched diet for over a decade and although I hold no fancy feminist degrees (which are worthless) I […]

She Will Never Love You

I can admit that in my past I lost a lot of sleep over girls.  In my lifetime I have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to have dated several beautiful women.  Out of those relationships there have been several good ones and I noticed that the best relationships were ended by the woman sometime shortly […]